How to stick to eating healthy?

How do I stick to a healthy eating plan?

If you’re loading up on less nutritious items because you’re hungry then one strategy might be to increase your fiber intake. Fiber fills. Aim for at least 25 grams of fiber per day. We should only be eating for hunger, so if you are doing so because of something else like stress, sadness, boredom, etc. then I suggest you come up with strategies to combat these triggers. Some things we can do are take a 10 minute walk, call a friend, and get involved in a hobby among other things.

It’s certainly fine to have a splurge now and then. If we don’t, we may feel deprived. If you’re finding it hard to ignore the treats in the house and are having them daily, then regardless of the other members of the house, it makes sense to not keep your trigger foods so close by. It would also be healthier for your family members to improve their diets. We are, after all, a product of what we eat.

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