Good chicken recipe?

Plain chicken is boring to me. Do you have a good chicken recipe?

I do. An old friend of mine gave me a very simple but tasty recipe. All you need are skinless chicken breasts, Dijon mustard, plain breadcrumbs, dried parsley and PAM. To prepare the recipe, preheat the oven to 350°. Spray PAM on a cookie sheet. Then mix 1 cup of plain breadcrumbs with 2 tbsp of dried parsley. Pour this mixture onto a plate. Then take one skinless chicken breasts and spread about ½ tbsp of the mustard on one side. Dredge this side in the breadcrumb and dried parsley mixture. Then spread another ½ tbsp on the other side of the chicken while it sits on the plate, turn the breast over and dredge that side. Continue this until all of the chicken breasts are coated on each side and placed on the cookie sheet. Cook the chicken for 30 minutes or until the internal temperature of the chicken is 165°. Enjoy the chicken with salad or a vegetable medley, ½ cup of brown rice and some fruit. Yummy!

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