Barbecue Bash

Bathing suits, shorts and tank tops… Summer is in full swing. And I love it! I’m a warm weather girl through and through who enjoys kicking back at a barbecue grilling perhaps salmon, veggies and more. My mouth is watering just writing about it. Yummy.
My hubby and I fired up the barbie last night. We chose to have turkey burgers with lettuce, tomato and onion on whole wheat buns accompanied by light ceasar salad and fresh fruit. It was so good. And it was healthy…for me.

Often family members aren’t on the same page as far as nutrition basics are concerned. I often joke about my husband’s diet in my classes and books and he’s a good sport about it. But all kidding aside, he often eats differently than I. And not in a good way.

At our barbecue, my husband, we’ll call him Potato Chip Man, ate almost an entire family-sized bag of Baked Lays as an appetizer. While the chips were lower in fat than the original version, he piled on the calories. And did I mention he had two burgers? Eating too much food, even healthy dishes, isn’t good. Calories matter and if we consume too much we can gain weight. Carrying too much weight on our frames can put us at risk for diseases like diabetes, hypertension and more. That’s not good.

But there are things we can do here to help our loved ones. Keeping only lower calorie, nutritious foods in the house is helpful. So is creating healthy meals. My hubby typically eats better than he realizes, as I hide ingredients from his veggie-resistant eyes in casseroles and more. I do what I have to do, because culinarily speaking, he’s a child. I also plate our meals in the kitchen, rather than put bowls of food on the table for better portion control. (Harder to do when he’s helming the grill.)

But I understand that he’s human and change can be hard. He’s working at it and that’s great. Small steady steps, no matter the season, can result in big and lasting change. And as I like to say, slow and steady wins the race.

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