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Thanks to everyone who has asked me a question through either my Facebook page at Lisa Tillinger Johansen, on Twitter @LisaTJohansen or via my Web site at It’s been great to receive them and I’ve been happy to provide the answers.

To better respond to your questions and to have them and my answers readily available for viewing, I have retooled my other Web site, to accommodate Ask Lisa inquiries. If you have a nutrition related question, just visit Please feel free to ask me any dietitian-oriented inquiries about a variety of things like diabetes management, cholesterol, hypertension, gout, irritable bowel, diets, different foods, weight management and more. Please be advised that by sending me a question, you are giving permission for it to be posted on my Web site. If I choose it for posting on the Web site, not only will you get my answer, but I’ll send you a free e-reader version of my book FAST FOOD VINDICATION. So, ask away!

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